my creative outlet

When I was growing up, my creative outlet was drawing. And for most kids it was the only time that they got to express their feelings and dreams in a medium other than painting or drawing on the wall. But now that I am an adult, I am finding that my hobby has expanded to include other types of expression such as jewelry making, wood craft, sewing and gardening. If you are like me who enjoys spending time being creative, you too might find your hobby a creative outlet.


You may find your hobby is your creative outlet because you find that you have a unique way of expressing yourself or because of the relief that you get when you are finished. There is relief in knowing that you can make something beautiful even if you just have to spend a few minutes doing it. In addition, there is relief in knowing that you are not sitting at home making your hobby into a job because you do not have to go to work.


One great thing about having your hobby as your creative outlet is that you can work from home. You do not have to go to an art class and you do not have to buy special equipment or make do with what you have. You can use whatever supplies you have on hand and make beautiful pieces of jewelry, homemade pottery, crochet projects and so much more. Your hobby is your escape and it provides relief from many of the stresses in life.

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