Importance of backlinks in seo

A simple survey has been conducted and quizzed few hundreds of top quality SEO experts and webmasters about the importance of backlinks and how important backlinks are in SEO and almost all of them gave almost similar kind of answer, Backlinks passes link juice to the site and in turn improving search engine rankings. Now many of you might be thinking that how this can be possible but there is a clear explanation of this phenomenon and it is known as the power of positive feedback loop. In simple words backlinks have a great impact in increasing your website’s page rank and in fact this can only be obtained by getting backlinks from trusted sites that have high PR with good page ranking, You can get backlinks from various websites and blogs but it is always better to get quality links for your website otherwise search engines might not give your website high page ranking, which is very important for your business.


The process of Search Engine Optimization is very complicated and you might have heard a lot of things about keywords but to understand what search engine optimization is you need to understand the main concept. SEO is all about keyword research, finding out the right keywords that target your niche and using these keywords in your content on your website to get better search engine rankings. This process goes on till you have got high page rank and traffic starts flowing into your website. With more traffic and a higher page rank your website will be visible to people searching for similar products and services that you provide. So backlinks play a vital role when it comes to Search Engine Optimization and hence the importance of getting quality backlinks.


There are various ways to get backlink such as reciprocal linking, buying backlinks, natural and organic linking. Reciprocal linking is when your website will exchange your link with some other website for free. Organic and natural linking is the process where websites or web pages offer to link to your site without expecting anything in return. This is the most important process of SEO and you will never be successful in your business unless you have got a high level of ranking on major search engines. Hence it can be concluded that backlinks are very essential for search engine ranking and without them you will not be able to achieve your business goals.

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