how to create macOS dmg and ISO files

A lot of people are asking how to create iso files on MAC. It is a common thing to know how to create these files on a PC but not on MAC where the disk drives and software used for creating such files are different. So how do you go about this? Is it not as easy as just clicking a mouse button and then the data gets saved onto your hard drive? It is not that simple because you will be faced with several difficulties once you decide to use this method to create such files on your MAC.


It has become very important to know how to create iso files on MAC because people are using such files to run a variety of programs. For example, those who play computer games will be looking forward to playing their favorite games on MAC especially when they have an update available for that game. There will always be times when you are out of disk space in your computer. You will be forced to quit out of the game because you can no longer play it. At times like this you will need to know how to create ISO files so that you can continue playing the game. This is what is known as a back up in case of a crash.


In fact, there are many times when you might want to have back up copies of some files or even the entire hard disc. If you were to lose the entire disk, you will not be able to get back any work you had done. This is why you will need to know how to create back up files on MAC. It is not that difficult to accomplish given the fact that there are many software packages out there in the market that can easily help you.


So how to create iso files on MAC can be quite easy if you have some knowledge on how to utilize the system itself. The first thing that you need to do is to load up your system. There should be no problem loading up your operating system, once you have done so. Next, open up the disk manager by clicking on the disk icon that is located at the top right corner of your computer screen.


You will then need to double click on the Create iso file and follow the instructions given. Once you have completed this step, it will then prompt you where to save the newly created it. You will then need to click on the save button and give the disk a name. Once you have done so, you will be able to view the newly created file. There should be an application which is located at the bottom right corner of your screen.


How to create iso files on MAC is quite easy given the fact that you will be provided with step by step directions. When you are finished with a file, you will be able to see a summary stating that all required information has been successfully completed. If you wish to know more about this application, you can check out my website for more information. This is only one of the many different ways you can utilize these types of disk images. I would recommend you take a look at my website in order to discover other ways you can accomplish what you set out to do.

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