central idea of the essay

When writing an essay, your main idea or main theme should stand out as you introduce it to your audience. Essays are generally written to communicate one’s knowledge or opinion on a specific topic or idea. Each paragraph should build on the previous one and explain your opinion on the matter or provide additional information to support the main idea of the essay.


A thesis statement is the central idea of the essay which you will use to justify your views on the matter. The thesis statement is usually found at the start of the main body of your essay and often in the conclusion. The purpose of this section is to convince your reader that your idea is right and that they should agree with you on the matter.


The purpose of each paragraph of your essay should be related to your thesis statement. In most cases you will need to write at least three paragraphs supporting the thesis of your paper. However, in some cases you may only need two or three paragraphs to support your thesis. There are no hard rules regarding the number of paragraphs required to write your essay. It is advisable to have as many paragraphs as you need to adequately express your thesis.


The first paragraph of your essay should contain a description of your main idea and main arguments supporting it. This paragraph should clearly identify the main ideas in your essay and the reason why you think they are important. You should also include a conclusion paragraph that gives your opinion on the matter, but try not to get into the detail of your views or arguments as this may detract from the central idea of the essay. You can also refer to a research source in your conclusion, if you like.


The body of your essay consists of three parts: the introduction, the body and the conclusion. The introduction is the first paragraph of your body paragraph that explains your main idea and reasons for it. The body paragraphs consist of two to three paragraphs depending on the topic sentence of your essay. The topic sentence is the topic of your essay. The body paragraphs contain your supportive details.


In your thesis statement, you should identify who your main audience is and what is important for them. It is also important that you explain how your main idea came about and why you believe it is important. For instance, in science, thesis statements are used to prove or support a particular theory. Students are encouraged to form their own thesis statements, which may differ from the topic sentence. A thesis statement should never be vague or ambiguous and if it is written by you, it should have a defined beginning, middle and end.

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