April 21, 2021

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How to win any games

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People have played, are playing and will always play. That is human nature. It is symbolic that the word “people” itself is in line with the Latin crazy game. However, some know how to stop in time and leave the game in positive territory, while others are addicted and lose all their money, property, honest name and their life. How many human destinies have been shattered by gambling! Psychologists even notice a special type of addiction, similar to drug addiction – gambling. For those who have crossed this slippery road enough, only qualified medical help can help them. My article is for those who haven’t gotten too involved yet, but occasionally like to risk honestly earned money.

In order not to lose everything that is possible, and even what is impossible, we must accept the following rules as axioms:

1. A game is fun, just fun and nothing but fun. Don’t try to make money this way, gambling money is not made by playing automatic machines, but by buying automatic machines. Lost money – paying for fun. You have to pay something for any party – time, money, unfinished business, nerves, health… It is in your interest as a party buyer to pay them a reasonable, reasonable price.

3. Never make up for it. Aren’t you trying to take the subway again to reimburse the money paid for the previous trip?

4. Determine in advance how much you will lose and never play again if that amount has already been lost. This way you will not make the game fee excessive. You decide how much your pleasure is worth. The excitement of this is bad advice. Don’t listen to him, have the will to get up from the gambling table in time.

5. Determine in advance how much you will win and never play again if this amount has already been won. If you want to not only play, but also win something, ironically follow this rule. If you are lucky, do not test her patience – it is not infinite.

6. Never lose if you cannot follow these rules . There are people of strong will and people of weak will. It is on the latter that all kinds of games of chance are played! See how rich the gambling business lives! How are casinos, gambling complexes, etc. They are filled with glamorous glow, and all this is to the detriment of those who have a weak will. If you are unsure of yourself, it is better not to play at all – there are many others that are much more useful for the mind and heart of fun and ways to spend money.

If it’s about you, then look at point 6. Better stay away from gambling – you have the prerequisites to get involved in gambling (like any other mania), because you have a weak will. A strong person does not compromise current desires to the detriment of his plans, although he can change plans depending on the circumstances. But the line between intentionally changing plans and indulging in current weaknesses is this: intentional changes take into account the possible consequences, but indulging in whimsy does not. A person with a will who made a decision on purpose, even if it turned out to be wrong, is not ashamed of him,

So, there are two ways: either to cover up the will, or to zealously avoid temptation.

I want readers to make the right choice that suits you personally!

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