April 21, 2021

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10 amazing facts about the Amazon rainforest

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There are many amazing facts about the Amazon forest that will be interesting to you.  It spreads over most of the northern and northwestern parts of South America and extends all the way to the central regions of the continent. There is no other eco-region on this earth.

And considering that it is so large and still relatively unexplored, a lot can be known about this rainforest.

Listed below are ten amazing facts about the Amazon rainforest:

6. In the heart of the Amazon there is a capital called Manaus

In the Amazon rainforest you can find an extremely large city known as Manaus. The history of Manaus dates back to the colonial period when it was built as a stronghold of the Portuguese area by the surrounding powers. The city was a trading center for agricultural products in the area.

It was founded in 1669, and in 1832 it became a city. It got its name from the natives of Manaos. Despite its position within the Amazon rainforest, the city has very less greenery and vegetation due to its rapid development.

5. Macaws, one of the most colorful and vicious parrots in the world are found here

 Their colorful feathers, playful nature and ability to imitate different sounds make them a popular pet.

These parrots are visible throughout the Amazon rainforest, as well as regions around it, such as Latin America and the Caribbean.

The interesting thing about Maca is that she eats foods that contain toxic substances and they are able to digest them. To neutralize toxins in the body, they eat clay from river banks. This behavior of clay eating Macaws is not visible outside the region of the Western Amazon.

4. Discovering pyramids and ancient settlements deep in the jungle

The Amazon rainforest is not a completely large and untouched wilderness. This is one of the most mysterious discoveries ever in the jungle.

On the contrary, in the past there were great empires throughout the region. Even today, many areas of the rainforest are inhabited by tribes of various indigenous peoples.

Occupied by empires like the Incas, great pyramids and other such structures were built throughout the region. Even today, there may be such objects that have not yet been discovered.

In addition to the pyramids, several geometric shapes hidden in a dense rainforest were also found. NASA satellite photographs taken up to 1999 around the Amazon Basin revealed that there were more than 200 geometric earthworks. Can these shapes and pyramids be the work of art of a lost ancient civilization? It is possible that a great mysterious civilization was responsible for these creations. Many researchers are still venturing into the forest to study and research these buildings.

3. There is a huge amount of natural resources everywhere in the Amazon

The Amazon is not only known for its trees and forest landscape. The Amazon rainforest is rich in natural resources. It is a treasury full of iron, oil, gold, gas, etc. Which are available in its vast landscape. However, it is difficult to single them out for commercial use for a variety of reasons. One of the most important reasons is the damage to the Amazon ecosystem. The extraction of these natural resources simply means the destruction of the Amazon rainforest.

This is because all of these activities will require cutting down trees and, indeed, digging entire landscapes, in order to access what is below the surface.

Despite these concerns, many mining and borehole operations are taking place in the Amazon today.

2. The Amazon extends to multiple countries

The Amazon rainforest stretches across several countries in the region. True, the Amazon rainforest stretches among nine countries. Among them are countries such as Venezuela, Colombia, Suriname, Peru, Ecuador, Brazil, Bolivia, etc. Brazil has the largest part of the rainforest.

Due to the large landscape of the Amazon, it is the most diverse ecological rainforest in the world. Biodiversity in the forest is extremely large and complex.

1. Brazil has the largest share in the Amazon rainforest

Although the Amazon stretches across several countries, Brazil has the lion’s share of the rainforest.

Approximately 60% of the total Amazon rainforest is currently located in Brazil. The rest of the rainforest, ie. About 40% are located in surrounding countries such as Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, etc.

In addition, the percentage here is based on recent estimates for 2019, not the past. Given that the rainforest used to be larger (due to low deforestation), the exact percentage has very likely varied in the past. In the future, the percentages may change according to the rate of deforestation or afforestation.

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