Eggplant is a favorite plant crop in our family. But since they are expensive in our country and are not in such large quantities, we do it for the sake of economy: wash the aubergines and clean them so that the skin is a porridge, that is, very thick. So we get a semi-finished product for two domestic products at once.

You can now proceed with the gaps. For those and other eggplants, you need a lot of onions and garlic (finely chop the onion, you can onion, half a straw, or if desired, finely chop the garlic), as well as paprika, chopped into strips.

Separately cross the onion and paprika. We need this for both parts. Peeled eggplant cut into strips the size and thickness of a finger, add salt and leave in a bowl until the juice appears (this must be done to remove excess bitterness from the fruit).

Then squeeze the eggplants and fry in batches in vegetable oil. Mix them with the prepared onions and peppers. Add dry spices (hops-suneli, ground coriander, a little saffron), you can add a little pepper, but not to prolong it. Put a bowl with eggplant on the fire, heat it, add vinegar to taste (preferably from wine or a table) and dip garlic in the mass.

Mix well and put in jars. We put them to be sterilized for 10 minutes, to be rolled up.

By the way, this homemade canning product tastes like mushrooms.

Recipe 2

In this culinary recipe, you can imagine as much as you want, everything will be delicious and beautiful. For example, in addition to pepper and onion, you can add sliced ​​carrot, grated in a large oven or tomato, peeled, diced and sautéed in vegetable oil.

Cut the onion into cubes with the peeled eggplant cuttings and add to the bowl. Then squeeze and fry in batches in vegetable oil. Mix with the prepared onion, white pepper and finely chopped parsley and cilantro.

Put the pan on the fire, add to the boil, add wine or table vinegar and garlic to taste, put it in the prepared jars, cover with lids and sterilize for 10 minutes. Shut up.

If there is a cellar, you can store these eggplants (both types) under nylon lids.

The question arises about the number of products for gaps. So, if I have, say, 2 kg of eggplant, then I take 1 kg of onions and peppers (in half for each type), 1 large head of garlic (or 2 small ones).

If I use tomatoes and carrots, then it is optional, you can have them more or less, depending on your taste.

Eggplant appetizer

You will need 2 tablespoons to pour in 1 liter of water. tablespoons salt and sugar, 1 tbsp. spoon of 9% vinegar.

Peel an eggplant, cut it into slices and put it in water for an hour. Then squeeze, fry in vegetable oil. Put eggplant, garlic, dill in a bowl. Pour over the prepared marinade, close the lid on top and place the load. Keep for 3 hours at room temperature, then place in the refrigerator. Two days later the eggplant appetizer is ready. Good appetite!

What to say! Eggplants are not only delicious in any form, but they are also extremely useful. Modern research has shown that the use of this vegetable lowers blood cholesterol, so doctors and nutritionists recommend vegetable dishes with eggplant as a prophylaxis and addition to the main treatment of many diseases.

In addition, eggplant is an ideal product for weight loss, because 100 grams of “blue color” contains only 28 kcal, and fiber, which is so rich, helps remove metabolic products and excess fluid from the body.