April 21, 2021

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Guests on the doorstep? Treat them to a luxury cake!

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I don’t know about you, but there are phone calls in my life that I call “ambiguous.” The fact is that with these calls, my loved ones communicate with pleasant, in general, things: in an hour and a half they will sleep over me: “Don’t worry, don’t cook anything – just drink tea!”

Why is it “ambiguous”? Because, for all the affection of the guests, I’m in no hurry! And you have to hurry, because you also want to serve something delicious and homemade tea, and not a cup of sweets. And then I bake a cake according to a wonderful recipe. Homemade cake, which can be immediately placed on the table while cooking, because it does not need time to soak. I share a recipe.

Put 150 g of margarine on a low heat and while it melts, beat 3 eggs with a cup of sugar in a cup. Pour the margarine into the egg mixture in a thin stream, stirring constantly. Add the same cup of kefir and flour to the dough to get the consistency of thick sour cream. Cool until smooth, add a tablespoon of baking soda, mix again lightly and place in the oven to bake – you will need one cake. Bake in the same way as a regular biscuit – in a moderately hot oven, for 25 minutes (and do not open the door during that time), check the readiness with a wooden stick. While our cake is baking, prepare the filling and cream. For the filling, take 2-3 lemons, peel and cut in a meat grinder. Add sugar to taste. For the cream, beat a package (250 g) of softened butter with a can of condensed milk. Is the cake already baked? Well, everything is ready for the cake, but we only spent half an hour on it. Let the cake cool, because you still have things to do before the guests arrive?

About 40 minutes have passed, the biscuit has cooled down and we start assembling the cake. From the baked cake, select the entire inner part so that only the “bowl” remains: the lower and side walls. Lubricate this bowl with cream inside. Put a few more spoons of cream in a special bowl – this is for the final lubrication of the cake surface. Put the crushed biscuit crumbs in the rest of the cream and mix well. Now put half of the filling in a “bowl”, and on top – half of the cream biscuits, again the filling and biscuit. “Polish” cake with the rest of the cream. Voila! You can serve.


This cake can be changed by changing the filling, adding different flavors of cream and dough. For example, my husband loves the chocolate version (add cocoa) with cherry filling (remove the seeds!). And every successful experiment can be given a name. The lemon cake described above proved to be very tender, I called it “Amelia”, after my daughter. It’s just that this came to my mind.

And now – a bonus! When you get tired of experimenting with the previous recipe, surprise your guests with a homemade “chess” cake. For him, it is better to buy ready-made biscuits, two packs – dark and light. You can bake, but then this cake will no longer be “fast”. I myself am cool ready-made biscuits, but in this case I make an exception for them. So, prepare the cream. I do the same as in the previous recipe, but you can do whatever you want (protein, cream – it doesn’t matter).

Now we begin to conjure up:

  1. Place two cakes of different colors on top of each other. Empirically find templates that you can use to cut concentric rings of the same width from the cake (in my case it turned out to be a lid, a plate and a cup). Make the necessary cuts (keep the blade of the knife strictly vertical) and disassemble the cookies into rings.
  2.  Start collecting the cake by smearing the inside of the rings with cream and alternating them in color (Fig. 1).
  3. Grease the surface of the resulting cake with cream and start collecting another cake from the remaining rings. The colors will change in the template (Fig. 2)

Repeat all the steps from the beginning with the remaining cakes. Decorate the cake with what you find and how you can. Cut exclusively into sectors! An unusual drawing on the cut is our “highlight” (Fig. 3)

Bon appetit for you and your guests!

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