April 21, 2021

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7 Reasons To Join And Set Up Your Personal Library

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This can be an excellent idea to read more, explore new literary genres and set up a personal library that makes your eyes shine. 

And the best: effortlessly, since you receive a monthly box with a surprise book at home every month.

Like the idea? So read on and find out how it works and the main benefits of being part of a book signing club. 📚

What is a book signing club

A book subscription club is a modality in which the subscriber pays a fixed monthly amount and receives a book at home every month. 

It is a type of service that prioritizes the experience of the reader , who can set up a private library based on titles that are usually chosen by curators.

The signature club boom in recent years has been inspired by the old Book Circle. Do you remember him?

It was a club created in 1973 in which subscribers received a magazine with promotions in which they had to choose a book that would be sent to their homes.

The club was so popular that it had 800,000 subscribers at the time. A real success!

Today, from inspiration, clubs come to the market remodeled and full of surprises for members.

How a Book Subscription Club Works

A book subscription club works as a subscription service with monthly recurrence .

The subscriber pays a monthly fee and receives a different book at home every month.

Generally, clubs offer several plans with different options for books , prices and experiences.

Thus, the reader chooses the plan that has more to do with his profile and literary tastes.

The great advantage of the clubs is the experience, since the box sent to subscribers is a surprise .

That is, you do not know which book you will receive in the month, which allows you to be surprised when you receive your order at home. 

In addition, clubs generally include gifts related to the book and exclusive content in the box, such as magazines with additional information about the work. 

7 Benefits of being part of a book signing club

Now that you know how a book signing club works, discover the main benefits of being a member:

1. Receive a surprise book every month

As you now know, the main advantage is to receive a surprise book at home every month.

It’s to join in the fun and get excited when the box arrives!

The experience is also quite different from buying a book of your choice over the internet or at a bookstore. 

But it is worth remembering that one experience does not replace another . You can receive the boxes at home and continue to visit bookstores and attend literary events, okay?

2. Have access to a book curator

Another benefit is that books sent in boxes are often chosen by curators who have experience with literature.

This way, you are guaranteed to receive books with literary quality and dealing with relevant subjects.

In addition, you have access to exclusive content developed by the club, which allows you to understand the importance of the work and the reason it was chosen by the curator of the month.

3. Explore new books and literary genres

Since the boxes contain surprise books, the big advantage is to explore books and genres that you might not read on your own. 

As a result, you have the opportunity to discover types of books that have to do with your style and have a broader view of literary genres.

It is to get out of the bubble and even the comfort zone !

4. Set up a library at home

Have you ever dreamed of having a bookcase full of books at home? 

As part of a subscription club, you will have a mini library that is constantly growing with the arrival of new books. 

Over the course of a year, there are 12 new books to display on the shelf and organize by colors, genres or order in which they were shipped. The trick is to use your imagination. 

Even if you are not able to read all the books sent each month, you will always have the works available for you when the right time comes.

5. Develop the habit of reading

If you want to get into the habit of reading in 2021, book signing clubs can be your main allies.

Imagine receiving a new book every month, treats and exclusive content!

Without a doubt, you will feel more motivated to read a little every day until you develop the habit. 

6. Exchange ideas with other subscribers

Another advantage is the possibility to chat and exchange reading impressions with other club members.

With that, you get to better understand the works, have access to new points of view and engage with the literary community.

From the internet, it is even possible to schedule online meetings with subscribers from various regions of Brazil to discuss the work sent in the month. What about?

7. Encourage the publishing market

When you are part of a book signing club, you automatically support the Brazilian publishing market, which faces problems such as a lack of incentives, the financial crisis in large bookstores and the coronavirus pandemic.

So, investing in a club is, in practice, a small contribution to ventures focused on literature. 

To understand the importance of subscription clubs, just know that they move around R $ 1 billion per year , according to the Brazilian Association of Electronic Commerce (ABComm). 

In addition, according to estimates by the Brazilian Book Chamber (CBL), book signing clubs add up to approximately 2 million subscribers in Brazil – which gives a breath to the publishing market. 


Viva à Leitura: book signing club that promotes culture and diversity

If you liked the idea of ​​receiving a new work every month, Viva à Leitura is a book signing club option that recently arrived in the Brazilian market.

The club focuses on social impact and diversity . For this reason, you will always receive books at home that bet on the representativeness of writers, including black authors, women, LGBTQ + and from different nationalities. 

In addition, the Viva à Leitura subscriptions have part of the value destined to the creation of libraries and cultural spaces in Brazil through the social project Habitat da Leitura. 

As a subscriber, in addition to receiving a new book every month, you receive exclusive content about the work, a letter showing where the amount collected is being applied and an activist certificate.


Subscription plans

To subscribe to Viva Leitura, you must choose your favorite plan. There are four options of boxes in which the subscriber receives books with editions that are already circulating on the market:

1. Live Diverse Reading

If you like literature books, want to get out of your comfort zone, get to know different literary genres, the Viva Leitura Diversa plan is the best option.

Our team of curators is committed to bringing you the best experience and more, you contribute to the democratization of reading in Brazil.

2. Live Diverse Reading and Business

We know that every entrepreneur lives off his business, but he also doesn’t just read about business, and for that, we put two areas of literature together in the same plan. One month you will receive a nonfiction literature book and the next month you will receive a business literature book.

 Is it the perfect match? Subscribe and tell us how this experience is going

3. Live Reading Impact

This plan is for anyone who wants to know or get to know more about certain themes and the Viva Leitura club wants to be an instrument for social transformation and for a more complete life in society. In 2021 subscribers will receive books with the theme “Black writers and African culture” and in 2022 they will receive books on the theme “More Women”

Do you like a themed signature? This plan was made for you!

4. Live Reading Family

The third plan is the most complete. With it, you receive two books a month: one of adult literature and another for children.

Therefore, it is suitable for families with children who wish to encourage reading from an early age.

Like the idea? To subscribe to the club, visit our website and choose your ideal plan.

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