April 21, 2021

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12 Creative Techniques To Display Your Sweethearts

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Calm down, you just need creativity and a little method to display your books in style.

The moment of organizing the volumes is usually one of the favorites of lovers of literature.

But there is always the doubt: with so many works at home, what is the best way to organize?

To help you with this task, we have selected the 12 best tips on how to set up a bookcase and decorate and 5 techniques to take care of your books to keep them preserved for many years.

Here we go? 📚

How to put a bookcase: 8 surefire ways

Discover 8 ways to organize books on the shelf and choose your favorite:

1. Arrange your bookcase in alphabetical order by author

For those who have many books and want to access them easily, an excellent option is to organize the volumes in alphabetical order by the authors.

Do you want to pick up a specific book on the shelf? Just go to the section with the corresponding letter. Simple and practical.

In this case, you have two options: in alphabetical order of the author’s first name or last name.

Usually, the alphabetical order considers the surname. But it is up to you. After all, your bookshelf, your rules! ✌️

2. In alphabetical order of title

Another way to follow the alphabet is through the titles of the works.

The disadvantage, in this case, is that you will have works by the same author spread out at different points on the shelf.

But, if that is not a problem for you, it is worth betting on the organizational model.

3. By gender

Sorting by literary genre is popular with readers. Especially if you have a lot of books, this type of organization makes it easy to store and find volumes on the shelf.

Another advantage of this organization is that you will be able to see the genre you like best and refine your choice of new books.

When organizing, it is worth making a list of the genres you have on the shelf, such as:

  • Classics
  • Contemporary
  • Tales
  • Poetry
  • Terror and mystery
  • Nonfiction books
  • Biographies
  • Academic books.

4. By country of work

You have probably heard that reading books is a way of traveling to other places in the world , right?

Then, following this logic, you can organize the books by their countries of publication.

It is also a way to store and find volumes easily. What about?

5. By publisher

In organizing by publishers, the advantage is that you will be able to collect collections , which is especially cool if you have many special editions that are worth displaying on the shelf.

6. By colors

How about having a real rainbow on your bookshelf ?

Storing books by color is a great choice for decorating enthusiasts. After all, the look is super different and aesthetically beautiful.

The only detail is that you will have to remember the spine of a specimen when you find it on the shelf.

On the other hand, if you have a good memory or are attached to your books, you probably won’t have this problem.

7. By size

Another aesthetically pleasing option is the organization of books by size.

You can position the volumes from largest to smallest or vice versa.

Just like organizing by color, in this case you will have to remember the format of the book when you find it on the shelf.

8. Random

What if you don’t want to follow a pattern? All good!

You can simply place your books on the shelf at random, as you wish at the moment. It does not make you less of a reader. 😉


4 Ideas for organizing your bookshelf creatively

In addition to the position of the books, it is worth using creativity when decorating the bookcase. Check out four ideas for inspiration:

1. Use decorative backers

To keep the books upright and to give a charm to the bookcase, choose the decorative backers.

It is possible to find supporters in various materials, colors and designs . Bet on objects that have more to do with the decoration of the environment.

2. Place decorative objects on the shelf

Decorative objects also add a special touch to the bookcase. Here the tip is to use creativity.

Do you know that old typewriter or camera that you have kept? They go very well in decorating the bookcase.

Comics, plants, lights, souvenirs and decorative objects in general are also great choices.

Take the opportunity to position these items in strategic spaces on the shelf: special niches or points not filled by books.

3. Use invisible niches or shelves

If you don’t have a bookcase, you can use simpler features to store books with charm and personality.

The niches geometric are great for those who have few books or small walls.

Another option is the “invisible shelves”, which create the impression that the books are floating on the wall.

4. Position books vertically and horizontally

You can also create patterns in the shelf organization by placing books both vertically and stacked horizontally.

But be careful not to place very heavy books horizontally to avoid damage, ok?

When making horizontal stacks, choose a few light books. They are already enough to give the bookcase a different look.


5 Tips to keep books kept on the shelf

Well, now that you already know how to pack the bookcase and leave it to your face, it’s time to check the step by step to keep the works preserved.

After all, you don’t want to see your books dirty and stained, right? Then check out the tips carefully:

1. Dust with a dry cloth

The cleaning of books on the shelf should be done frequently.

The tip is to use a dry, soft cloth to remove the accumulation of dust from the volumes to keep them preserved. Dusters are also great options for quick cleaning on a daily basis.

Also, avoid using abrasive products to avoid damaging the books.

2. Handle the book frequently

When you are cleaning the books, take the time to handle them.

Opening the book and leafing through the pages allows the paper to breathe , preventing the leaves from drying out and sticking together.

This simple habit also removes microorganisms from books.

3. Do not leave books exposed to the sun

One of the main mistakes to be avoided is to leave the volumes exposed to the sun.

Sunlight damages books, which warp and fade over time.

Therefore, care begins when choosing the position of the shelf. An option for places with a lot of sun exposure is to invest in a bookcase with doors.

But that does not mean that there can be no light on the shelf. Just avoid direct sunlight on the books.

4. Choose an airy place for your bookcase

Choosing an airy place is also essential to keep books kept. That way, you avoid moisture and mold that, in addition to damaging books, are harmful to health.

5. Check for moths and termites in your bookcase

The fifth tip is to check the books from time to time to check for the presence of moths and termites.

Again, it is worth browsing through the works to check for the presence of insects between the pages.

At least once a month, also take the time to take all the books off the shelf and do a thorough cleaning.


Conclusion: is there a right way to fix a bookcase?

There is no right way to fix the bookcase.

What exists is the best method that works for you.

As for the arrangement of books on the shelf, it is worth using creativity and your personal taste. You can organize by colors, alphabetical order or gender, for example.

Regardless of the form chosen, the important thing is that it is a functional organization for you on a daily basis.

Despite this, there are some mandatory precautions when it comes to setting up a bookcase. This is the case with periodic cleaning, as you just saw.

Other than that, you are free to organize your books the way you prefer!

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