April 21, 2021

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Benefits Of Reading And Comprehensive Guide To Reading More Books In 2021

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Great start! This is the first step to read more and discover the pleasures of the company of a good book and the advantages of being a reader. 

In fact, did you know that the benefits of reading are scientifically proven 

Reducing stress, preventing disease and increasing empathy are some of the advantages seen in studies. 

And you don’t have to be a “bookworm” to enjoy them all. In fact, a few minutes a day is enough.

So, do you want to know how to include reading and its benefits in everyday life? Check out our tips!

6 benefits of reading for those who read

Find out below seven main benefits of reading for those who develop the habit:

1. Reduces stress

If you are feeling stressed, there are good reasons to include reading in your daily life.

2009 survey of a group of students in the United States found that reading is just as effective against stress as yoga and humor .

According to the study, 30 minutes of reading are able to reduce blood pressure, heart rate and feelings of psychological distress, decreasing stress levels.

So if you want a break from the stress of everyday life, taking the time to relax with a book in hand is an excellent choice.

2. Traveling without leaving home

If there is a way to travel to other countries without spending a cent, it is through reading. 

The tip is to choose books by authors of different nationalities to get in touch with various cultures and scenarios presented in the works.

But be careful: after being immersed in a different country through books, there is no guarantee that you will not really want to travel there! 

3. Prevents diseases like Alzheimer’s

Another important benefit of reading is the ability to reduce the chances of developing diseases linked to the brain , such as Alzheimer’s.

In addition to reading, activities such as filling in crosswords also contribute to the strengthening of the brain in old age.

4. Improves concentration

The improvement in concentration is also a positive gain in reading, especially considering that at all times you receive different stimuli from technologies such as cell phones.

So, taking a moment of the day away from the screen is a way to stimulate the mind to stay focused on a single activity.

And like any skill, the more you practice, the better it gets. So when reading becomes a habit, don’t be surprised to be so immersed in books that you don’t even notice the clock ticking.

5. Increases general knowledge

One more reason to develop the habit of reading is to increase your knowledge about different countries, cultures, events and historical periods.

Want to know more about World War II? Then you can choose from an immense catalog of fiction books or with real stories about the period. And so on.

To make the process more fun, the tip is to choose narratives that present the context about which you are curious.

6. Helps you write better

Want to write better? So, dedicating yourself to reading is fundamental to achieve this goal.

It is no wonder that great writers such as Machado de Assis and Clarice Lispector were true book eaters. 

To exercise your writing skills, the more reading repertoire you have, the better you will be able to write interesting narratives .

Main benefits of reading for society

Now that you know the individual benefits of reading, it’s time to understand how the activity impacts society. Check out:

1. Develops empathy

Empathy can be translated as the ability to put yourself in the shoes of others with realities and contexts different from ours.

In social terms, it is an essential skill for diversity and the acceptance of differences to be exercised effectively. 

A reading society is undoubtedly a more empathic society. Do you want proof of that?

study at Emory University in the United States reveals that reading a fictional story increases brain functions and the reader’s ability to put themselves in the minds of the characters.

The immersion in reading is so intense that it can even make you feel physical sensations : “reading a novel invokes neural activity that is associated with bodily sensations”, says the study.

Another insight from the publication is that reading allows you to increase brain connectivity even days after exercising.

2. Develops critical thinking

As you just discovered, reading is a way to get to know different realities.

The main advantage is to better understand the scenario and social problems and to get out of the bubble through contact with different people and experiences.

That is why voracious readers often develop a keen critical sense.

In practice, this ability makes it possible to dialogue with other people and analyze situations from different perspectives.

How to read more: 7 essential tips

After understanding all the benefits of reading, did you feel like reading more on a daily basis? So read on and check out the seven best tips to get started:

1. Read a little bit every day

You don’t have to spend hours reading to develop the reading habit.

In fact, a few minutes a day are already helping to create a routine with books. 

The tip is to define the time you will dedicate to the activity: 15, 20 or 30 minutes a day are enough to start. 

With that definition in mind, find the best time of the day to dedicate yourself to the activity and stick to the schedule until reading becomes a natural habit.

2. Find your favorite literary genre

If you have tried unsuccessfully to develop the habit of reading, you may have chosen a literary genre that has nothing to do with you.

After all, there are many genres of narratives: classics, detective novels, love stories, biographies, non-fiction and terror are some of them.

How to find your favorite genre? Testing and venturing through different readings!

3. Chat with other readers

Keeping in touch with readers is another way to reinforce the habit and benefits of reading.

With this dialogue, you will be able to exchange reading impressions , get to know new points of view about books and even stay on top of other practical tips to read more. 

There are several ways to chat with other readers:

  • Search Facebook and Telegram reading groups
  • Participate in reading clubs online and in your city
  • Follow literary profiles on Instagram and YouTube
  • Join a book signing club
  • Talk about books with relatives, friends and colleagues.

4. Prioritize reading on a daily basis

Think about how long you spend scrolling your cell phone screen on social media. What if you used this period to read at least 5 pages?

Even if you don’t have a lot of free time, prioritizing reading at leisure makes all the difference.

If you take the time to read 10 pages a day , in one year you will have read 12 books of around 300 pages each. Not bad, right? 

5. Discover the book format that’s right for you

Another tip is to evaluate the book format suitable for you. 

The books physicists are ideal for those who enjoy the experience of smelling the pages, accentuate important words and have a decorated bookcase.

For technologists, e-readers , digital readers like Kindle and Lev, are easy to take anywhere and bring together thousands of works in a single device.

6. Be patient with your reading pace

Do not be distressed if you find that you do not read as fast as other people or that you have failed to meet a reading goal.

The reading should be a pleasure , not obligation.

Comparing yourself with other readers only increases anxiety about an activity that should de-stress.

So be patient and find out what pace of reading works for your day. 

7. Subscribe to a book club

The seventh tip is to join a book signing club to stay motivated and explore different books that you wouldn’t even think of reading.

In this type of subscription, you receive a book at home every month, which is essential for you to maintain the habit throughout the year.

Like the idea? The Live at Reading is a book signing club which sees reading and cultural venues as diverse tools and social transformation.

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