April 21, 2021

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10 types of photography that will help you define your shooting style

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All artistic branches are divided into categories and as such, photography is also part of it. Well, it is not simply to stand behind a lens and capture, being a good professional implies much more than that, either by composition, colors, elements, planes or types of photographs like the ones we will share with you on this occasion.

These types of photos are divided into many sub-themes, which are dedicated exclusively to highlighting a topic, such as nature, highlighting facial expressions, enhancing publicity photos, shots from the sky, publicizing stories that nobody knows or simply giving it a touch. from antiquity to the present.

So that you understand a little more, we will show you the 10 most representative types of photographs that will definitely help you define your shooting style.

1. Aerial and orbital photography, is taken from the heights, giving a broader view of the objective

Aerial photography and orbital have a massive influx of using drones, this trend has grown in the last three years. Drones can capture video and images from a high vantage point, saving money that is otherwise spent on hired people. The shots can be taken from an airplane; however, drones manage to capture similar images with very little expense.

Aerial photography was used during WWII, as a way to document enemy landings. At the peak of World War II, British aircraft managed to complete a hundred flights a day, capturing more than 50,000 images to interpret on a daily basis.

2. Landscape photography, mostly used to capture natural places

Landscape photography is perhaps one of the most traditional styles, and it ‘s no mystery why; our world has fantastic views. Capturing landscapes through photography is a powerful skill, as it often allows for honest documentation of nature. However, you may notice that landscape photography does not always exclusively capture nature. Photographing landscapes can also include cityscapes, bridges, and historic buildings

3. Documentary photography, seeks to record and document part of a story that is not known

In the same way as black and white photography, it provides a sense of honesty, where the main objective of this type of photo is to tell the truth objectively and without prejudice.

Documentary photography is performed in photojournalism, historical events, social and political events and tells stories that most people do not know; like some internal war, poverty, education, model characters, or story behind an artist.

4. Fashion photography, highlight trends to capture public attention

Fashion photography is a genre focused on the high-end displays of clothing and products. This style is commonly associated with magazines such as Elle, Vogue, Vanity Fair, and other lifestyle characteristics.

5. Advertising photography, used to sell or publicize a product

This style is used by brands, agencies, companies (small and large), and many others looking to market products and services. This branch of advertising photography can be used on various platforms, especially as social media and product design development.

6. Gastronomy photography, exploited by bloggers, restaurants, and websites

The photograph of cuisine mostly is used by restaurants or influencers who want to present a dish that seemed exquisite sponsor or be part of a restaurant.

One recommendation is that these types of images be captured without a flash, only with natural light, as the flash highlights parts that do not look so good to the public eye.

7. Portrait photography, capture moods, and facial expressions

Portrait photography offers viewers the opportunity to connect with the theme of a photo. Unlike advertising photography, the subject of a portrait may or may not look perfect. Portraits can include headshots or full-body shots and can encompass a range of emotions and images.

8. Astronomical photography, made to publicize what inhabits space

Astrophotography or space, it sounds difficult and complicated to make, but the reality is quite another. Since they are done through a telescope, which serves as a support for a common and current photographic camera.

9. Black and white photography, maintains the traditional style given by the grayscale

The photograph in black and white is often used by journalists and professionals and remains a favorite of the monochromatic art forms. While the shot may be new, the color photo is a much more recent development. Perhaps this is why black and white images are used (and are often ideal) to create a certain sense of timelessness.

10. Sports photography, adrenaline runs through each of your shots

Sports photography is often used to capture the truth and passion that feels performing such activities. By capturing an athlete, coach, or even a fan at the right moment, photographers can take a genuine moment and make it permanent.

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