April 21, 2021

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Guide for those who want to take a cooking course

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cooking courses are on the rise. This is because more and more good restaurants have appeared in different regions of Brazil, and the job market is growing, in order to demand a large number of professionals. There is demand for confectioners, chefs and chefs’ assistants in different places in Brazil, for example.

The gastronomy learning sessions are recommended for those who want to start their studies or improve their knowledge in the area. That is why it is so important that all professionals have courses to gain more skills and discover methods and tips in the gastronomy field.

To learn all about culinary arts learning sessions, keep following the article. We have separated the main information about the courses and the main educational institutions in the area of ​​gastronomy.


Why take a cooking class?

If you are still going through an assessment phase on the possibilities of going deeper into the gourmet world of preparing the best foods through a cooking course, then consider the following benefits below. They can be achieved either with classroom, online class, EAD approved by MEC or individual preparation (self-taught).

A good course teaches students, during their workload, how to make basic recipes like Italian pasta with Bolognese sauce, in a spectacular way! Not to mention that the way the dish is presented at the end makes all the difference!

Personal fulfillment

When you enter a school or join a course in the discipline, you can not only bring your own creations to life, obtaining personal fulfillment through the preparation of cake, meat, Italian food, or whatever food you prefer, but it will also make people feel satisfied daily.

Nothing like putting it all together in creating a dish and watching someone eat it with a big smile on their face!

Job opportunities around the world

Professional cooks are needed all over the world, which means that you should not only be able to find a job as one, but also have the opportunity to travel if you wish. Chefs can also work at luxury resorts, cruise ships or spas around the globe.

Be the boss while working as a team

You will be the leader of the kitchen. However, you will also work closely with the team members you choose to develop your menu and manage the production of the recipes effectively.

An online course or an EAD can be very useful for those who cannot leave home to take a cooking class.

Ability to continuously improve your craft

Even the most respected chefs in the world are continually learning about their craft, studying different cultures, different ways of preparing dishes and discovering how they can incorporate what they have learned into their own style.

Ability to be creative

Even if two chefs receive exactly the same training, they can still make their job very different by developing and implementing their own styles based on their unique tastes.

The ability to be creative and try new things is not something that many other careers allow.

Employment perspective

When deciding on a career to pursue, you should also pay attention to job prospects. For example, if you are thinking of becoming a chef and pursuing an international career, then you will be happy to discover that the Bureau of Labor Statistics (a body that measures the development of the North American labor market) predicts job growth in the area of ​​up to 10% by 2026.

A course that gives you a good certificate – be it EAD, free or paid online, or face-to-face – will open doors to work in various restaurants around the world!

This is already a good reason to go to cooking school! However, studying the gastronomic arts is important for several reasons if you want to become a gourmet professional.

Learning several important issues also for life

Basically, taking classes in this area will allow you to learn the skills and knowledge that are required by the chef, which includes not only knowing how to cook, but also creating new dishes, keeping the kitchen safe, operating the workspace efficiently and a lot more.

While all of this is important, you can also argue that part of it can be learned by working in a restaurant … but to some extent, of course.

That’s because culinary arts is more than just learning to cook professionally. Your study can help improve your life in many ways, and it can also allow you to improve the lives of the people you just cooked for.

The following are just some of the benefits that the class of this delicious discipline can bring not only to the mixture of its ingredients, but also to your whole life!

Learning to appreciate cooking as an art form

Making food is not just an act of feeding or helping people enjoy what they eat (although these are certainly two motivating reasons). Such an act also means sharing art with people. The way of preparing the dishes is an art form in itself, something that customers can take pleasure in looking at.

There is also a way to combine aromas and flavors to create different feelings, in the same way that paintings use colors and shapes to incite different emotions.

By studying culinary arts, you will learn to appreciate food as an art form.

This, in turn, will make you pay more attention to the food you create and potentially bring you more satisfaction from watching customers savor your food.

What a course does not address or explain in its workload is the well-being that the social act of making and serving food presents to the cook.

Learning to appreciate different cultures

Food is closely linked to culture. Think of all the different foods that are available around the world and how we usually pass on family recipes from one person to another.

When studying culinary arts, you will learn how different cultures prepared different types of food. This will make you appreciate them much more, which in turn helps to develop empathy for people in general.

You can share your knowledge of different cultures with your customers, implementing various ingredients or different culinary procedures used in your dishes, thus helping to spread the appreciation for different styles of this practice.

This is an incredibly effective way to get people to open up to new things, especially if they haven’t been exposed to different cultures.

All about the technical cooking course!

Technical courses are indicated for those who want to become an even more qualified professional in their area. There are several EADs with technical certificates developed with a workload for those who already work in the area, excellent for those who need a daily class with a reduced duration.

The culinary technical course is suitable for everyone who wants to improve their techniques and start working in the area of ​​gastronomy. For those just starting out, a tip is to sign up for the gastronomy or cooking course for beginners. In these teaching sessions it is possible to learn the basics of the branch, to later become an expert on the subject. This is because teachers go over basic notions for preparing simple recipes, such as stroganoff, rice and beans, for example.

For all professionals who already cook and want to improve their techniques, a good option is to start the most advanced gastronomy technical course . With the mastery of new skills, the professional will be able to learn more ingredients and develop more elaborate menus. This makes the gastronomic professional to stand out in the market, becoming a differential.

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