April 21, 2021

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Looking for Bitcoin course? Check out 5 free options!

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In 2020, Bitcoin broke a valuation record , practically quadrupling its value. In December, it jumped to an impressive $ 28,599.99. In a year in which most investments did not perform very well, due to the covid-19 pandemic.

With this leap, the cryptocurrency accumulated a 295% appreciation in 2020, which made many people start looking for Bitcoin courses, aiming to better understand about the subject and also start investing in the sector.

Is this your case? Then check out the selection we’ve put together with 7 free options to get started today!

What is Bitcoin?

The Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency. In other words, a digital currency , which exists only on the internet and does not have a physical version, such as the Real or the Dollar. Another difference is that Bitcoin is neither controlled nor issued by any Central Bank.

Therefore, its quotation is regulated by the law of supply and demand and by the market itself. There is no country, government or bank regulating its operation – everything happens through Blockchain .

This is a large data network where all Bitcoin transactions take place, using encryption for data protection. The miners who work as nodes in this large network are the ones who process the transactions. They are also the ones who vote to decide the “paths” of Bitcoin.

Since transactions are protected by encryption, they are more secure and virtually impossible to intercept . The code of each transaction must be verified by the miners and they are the ones who do the validation by connecting the digital wallets involved.

Upon completion, transactions are incorporated into the Blockchain, where are the records of all transactions already made with Bitcoin. It is this network that proves that a particular transaction was carried out and guarantees its security without having a Central Bank.

The record of transactions and values ​​is made public, but the persons or companies involved are anonymous .

To keep all of these transactions going, miners are rewarded with Bitcoins or Bitcoin fragments.

The transactions can be for the purchase of new Bitcoins or other cryptocurrencies and also for the purchase of products or services, since countless businesses and companies around the world already accept this form of payment.

In addition, as the price of Bitcoin has seen significant increases, many people use cryptocurrency as a form of investment.

Why invest in Bitcoin?

As you saw in the introduction, Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency that has broken a valuation record. For that reason alone, it is already worth thinking about investing in it. But if you’re still undecided, we’ve separated some good reasons:

· Global adherence to Bitcoin is growing , which means that more companies have been attacking this currency. In 2020, about 25 million merchants accepted crypto as a form of payment;

· Bitcoin emerged in the midst of the 2008 financial crisis and, precisely because of that, it is a currency capable of withstanding different oscillations in the market and has shown its strength, growing exactly in a time of pandemic and world crisis;

· Due to the good performance of Bitcoin, cryptocurrency has attracted the attention of investors, analysts and Wall Street companies , including the entry of institutional investors in the market;

· Although Bitcoin has experienced several ups and downs during its history, it has always managed to overcome its most recent highs after a price drop.

In addition to these points, of course, we must mention some of the intrinsic advantages of this currency, such as: it is a fast and inexpensive way to transfer values ​​to any part of the world; Bitcoin is quite safe, both for the consumer and the merchant; you will not depend on banks or other intermediaries to guard your Bitcoins or trade them; Bitcoin is not subject to political pressure; it is a decentralized currency, so it cannot be confiscated by third parties; Bitcoins cannot be inflated by any entity and you can create your wallet quickly, without bureaucracy.

However, of course, like any investment, Bitcoin also has risks, such as:

·         Has no regulations or restrictions from governments or government agencies;

·         Who determine the future of the Bitcoin network are the miners themselves ;

·         The economic environment and the regulatory environment related to digital assets may change , for example with some government making their use illegal;

·         There is no way to accurately predict how Bitcoin will behave in the future .

Given its high valuation in the market, investing in Bitcoin has numerous advantages, in addition to being a very safe procedure.

Is it worth taking a Bitcoin course?

You can already see that the universe of cryptocurrencies is quite complex, isn’t it? Therefore, a Bitcoin course is an excellent opportunity to understand this area more deeply – and thus be able to invest more wisely.

With a Bitcoin course, you will:

· Start from scratch and learn all about Bitcoins, concepts and how cryptocurrencies work and tips on how to invest;

· You will have access to ready and tested investment methods and strategies, with real models to apply;

· Receive training and support from people who work and understand the market;

· Get ​​to know other investors and be able to be part of a community of Bitcoin traders.

Although it is possible to achieve big gains with Bitcoin, having seen its increasing appreciation, it is important to remember that this is a volatile asset, that is, in the same way that it registers big highs, it also has big drops in its price.

Thus, in order to invest wisely, and avoid losing money, it is essential to understand the sector, its operation and to foresee these possible fluctuations very well. Points where a good Bitcoin course can help you.

Bitcoin course: 7 free options and + 2 bonuses

Do you want to start your Bitcoin course today? See some interesting options that we have separated to help you!

1. Bitcoin course in Portuguese – Learncafe

This course was developed by the YouTube channel “BTC in Portuguese” and can be accessed for free.

In it, you will learn: what is Bitcoin, the main characteristics of this cryptocurrency, what are the differences between Bitcoin, gold and Dollar, what is Bitcoin for, how to start using cryptocurrency, how to get Bitcoins, how crypto transactions work , what is mining and what are the risks of Bitcoin.

It is an introductory Bitcoin course, ideal for those who are starting to venture into the subject and want more accurate knowledge.

2. Bitcoin Course – Primecursos

This Primecursos course is also free and aimed at teaching the fundamental concepts of cryptocurrency, ideal for those who want to buy and sell Bitcoins. With simple and objective language, it will help you better understand important points, such as:

· What is Bitcoin

· How Bitcoin came about;

· The trajectory and growth of cryptocurrency;

· Crises of fiat currencies;

· Bitcoin security;

·  A Blockchain;

· Bitcoin wallets;

· Safety recommendations;

· How to buy Bitcoins;

· How Bitcoin mining works.

3. Mini cryptocurrency course with Felippe Percigo

Felippe Percigo is the author of CriptoFácil, one of the main cryptocurrency information sites. Since 2012, he has been in contact with the cryptocurrency universe and has been dedicated to helping people better understand crypto.

In partnership with YouTube channel Tio Huli, Percigo developed the mini cryptocurrency course.

The course covers topics such as financial bubbles, cryptography, mining, blockchain, stablecoins, coins and tokens, Ethereum, security, how to buy Bitcoin and how to build an investment portfolio.

This is a bit more complete Bitcoin course, which goes beyond and also teaches you how to invest in other cryptocurrencies and crypto.

Taking a free Bitcoin course is a great way to enter this universe and learn to invest assertively.

4. Investing in Bitcoin from Zero – Rafael Lemos

This is a Bitcoin course for those who want to start investing in cryptocurrencies safely. In the free module, you will have access to topics such as:

· What is Bitcoin and how it was created;

· How to make money with Bitcoin;

· How to buy Bitcoin in practice;

· How to safely store Bitcoins;

· How to invest in Altcoins;

· The main tools for crypto-investors.

5. Technical Analysis (Bitcoin Zero Course) – Voepa Bitcoin

This is a free course offered by the YouTube channel Voepa Bitcoin. In addition to the free videos from the channel, anyone interested will also be able to take the paid version of the Bitcoin course without secrecy, with more advanced tips for investing in cryptocurrencies.

The Vô Epaminondas channel is one of the best known about cryptocurrencies, with more than 61 thousand subscribers and 4.5 million views.

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